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Because for the security of your company, your staff and yourself, you need to contract the best insurance policy, with the best Insurance Company and at the lowest possible cost and all this without spending a moment in the search, more than a simple contact with us and we will start to find the most interesting policy in the market.

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Health Care Liability

Our employees are experts in the insurance of health risks. We cover all medical-health specialties, including the most complex from a civil point of view.

Professional Liability

We insure the liabilities that may arise from the exercise of your activity before clients and third parties. This responsibility can be demanded to both the company and its professionals, and our coverage is for any real or presumed error or omission.

Life & Health

We maintain excellent relationships with major international insurers and reinsurers, which allows us to negotiate exclusive agreements and offer the best terms. We can offer you health and sickness insurance, hospitalization insurance, critical illness, temporary occupational disability, expatriates.


Nuestras colocaciones se efectúan tanto como reaseguro de una entidad aseguradora local como en régimen de Libre Prestación de Servicios con mercados internacionales. Son muchos los productos que se reaseguran en las diferentes áreas, ya sean profesionales, sanitarias , fraude, deportes y contingencias, actividades y datos electrónicos, y un largo etcétera.

Surety Insurance

This type of insurance is applied in situations where a company or individual must guarantee non-financial obligations arising from a contract to a third party. For example, works and supplies, customs services, tenancy guarantees, judicial guarantees.

Civil Liability of Senior Officers and Directors

It is becoming increasingly important to ensure the financial protection of Directors and Officers, and having appropriate liability coverage has become a necessity.

Construction Insurance

Among the types of insurance that we contract in the construction sector are the Ten-Year Guarantee, All Risks Construction, Promoter and Builder Liability Insurance, Agreement Insurance. Home insurance, vehicles, sports risks, collective agreements for security companies, Public Administrations.

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We are professionals of our trade, and the most important thing is your satisfaction.

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