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Accountancy consultancy in Marbella

From this department we analyze the accounting data, we know the economic reality of your company and we optimize the management. We are going to tell you some of our most important tasks if you decide to give us the opportunity to show you that it is possible to work in a different way and not pay more than what you would pay to protect you and your business. We deliver on our commitments so that your accounting is squared to the penny and you are informed in a timely manner.

With Rogaro you are in good hands

Preparation of economic-financial reports

We sit down together every month/quarter/semester if you lend us 45 minutes of your time to talk about the financial situation of the company, this is paramount to not deviate from your project and achieve success.

Management of accounting entries, opening and closing of the fiscal year

Our professionals account month by month the invoices and expenses of your company that previously will be collected by us in your offices, developing from the beginning to the end the accounting tasks as required by the General Accounting Plan.

Accounting planning and organization

When you decide to hire our services, the first thing we will do is to show you the situation of your company at that moment with the balance sheets available at the time and we will explain you what your numbers say and we will plan the new path together.

Legalization and presentation of official books

We will carry out the legalization of the accounting books in the Mercantile Registry that corresponds to your registered office, no matter if it is Malaga or Madrid, anywhere in Spain, so that your accounting is legalized.

Cost accounting and budgetary controls

We can keep your accounting by department and/or work center costs so that you know exactly the profitability of each department of your company and do not lose control of any of the areas of your business.

Updating overdue accounts

If your accounting is not up to date, this will not be a problem for us, because we will work so that you will soon know the economic data of your business, and begin to plan and organize your future accounting.

Why us?

We advise, and that is the most important part of what we do. We give answers to all your doubts and guide you in the path to success, making your business simpler and clearer.

We explain what we would do for your business and above all, what we are doing for you. You will never feel as though you don’t know why you are paying us.

We are professionals of our trade, and the most important thing is your satisfaction.

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