Looking for an Accountant?

Rogaro is an Accountant, but above all we are Advisers.

From beginning to end we listen to you, and through it all we work for you. Give us the opportunity to prove that we are indeed different from our competitors, and that our methods are the best.

We are Rogaro

We are a team of experienced professionals who combine our knowledge, interrelate it and put it to work to meet the needs of your business. That is our vocation and that is our commitment.

Our services


We take care of your accounts so you will have more time to focus on selling.


We will take care of your payroll, contracts, discharge forms, and do everything necessary to ensure that your registration with the department of social security is correct.


It doesn’t matter whether you are self-employed, or have a small or medium sized company, we help you with your tax liabilities in Spain.

Company Formation

Considering starting a company in Spain? Contact us and we will tell you step by step how we do it and how much it will cost to get you ready to make money.

Insurance Adviser

Rogaro offers the best insurance policy quotes so you don´t have to spend your valuable time researching. Just ask and we will work for you.

Legal Adviser

We offer legal advice for every circumstance through collaboration with the best lawyers in Marbella.

Why us?

We advise, and that is the most important part of what we do. We give answers to all your doubts and guide you in the path to success, making your business simpler and clearer.

We explain what we would do for your business and above all, what we are doing for you. You will never feel as though you don’t know why you are paying us.

We are professionals of our trade, and the most important thing is your satisfaction.

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