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In Rogaro Business Consultants we take care of the procedures that your company needs in the area of human resources. We are a Labor Consultancy where we know that the second most important thing in this area of the company are the people, because the first thing is to have well marked the goals before hiring. We can advise you so that your human team is motivated and we put at your disposal the advantages and aids that your company can take advantage of so that your costs are adjusted as much as possible.

We put at your disposal our team of professionals in Labor Law and Social Graduate, for the performance of these and other issues.

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With Rogaro you are in good hands

Registration and deregistration of the company or the self-employed in Social Security.

We will communicate to the social security the start of your business so that the contributions are correct, both in the case of the self-employed and the companies.

Registration and deregistration of workers with Social Security

The company needs agility at the time of hiring and for this you only have to communicate us the data that we will ask you for the hiring and in 15 minutes you will have your workers in high or low in social security, to avoid undue contributions.

Payroll and social security remittance

On a monthly basis we send you the salary slips so that you can pay your workers or we can send the files to your bank and we will transmit the files to the TGSS for the correct collection of the social insurances.

Collaboration with Mutual Insurance Companies and Social Security for IT procedures.

Our relationship with the managing entities is one of collaboration and we will solve any problem that may arise in relation to a disability, mediating if necessary and always defending the interests of our clients, which are the companies and the self-employed.

Advice and processing in prevention of occupational hazards.

We are familiar with these laws and we can advise you and arrange the contracting with the prevention company that is most suitable for you in terms of proximity, sector and other factors that we consider important in each case.

Advice on the management of continuous training of employees

The continuous training of your employees in many cases can be subsidized and we will make sure that you do not lose the credits you have each year and can offer your employees continuous training at the lowest possible cost and of the highest possible quality.

Quarterly and annual settlements of income tax withholdings to employees

Every quarter we submit the self-assessments of income tax for workers and professionals so that you can pay the amounts withheld from them, in addition to the annual summary.

Preparation of syntheses of collective bargaining agreements

When you hire us for the first time, we will inform you of the most important aspects of the collective bargaining agreement applicable to the rights and obligations of both the company and its employees.

The liquidations of the workers

The liquidations of the workers must be made carefully studying each case correctly avoiding mistakes that can cost the company dearly, for this, we are knowledgeable of the jusrisprudence and we know how to make the settlements and letters of dismissal according to each case.

Why us?

We advise, and that is the most important part of what we do. We give answers to all your doubts and guide you in the path to success, making your business simpler and clearer.

We explain what we would do for your business and above all, what we are doing for you. You will never feel as though you don’t know why you are paying us.

We are professionals of our trade, and the most important thing is your satisfaction.

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